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Corona Virus Message to our Clients

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

To all our clients, the time has come to be responsible and ensure that everyone's health and well being is paramount. To be realistic, as much as we are told, piecemeal, to restrict going about our day to day activities, the ultimate (and I believe inevitable) solution will be for most of us to stay put. This will be the only action that will stop the spread of this tiny bug that is making the whole world sit up and pay attention. The Florence Wood Salon in Llandeilo will be closed until further notice which is a sad situation for us to face. If there is anything you need please get in touch through our facebook page, web site, or email and we will be here for you. We all have to be responsible in what is an amazingly fast moving situation, but just do everything you can to look after yourselves and those close to you. I pray that we will all come out of this with a better appreciation of how important our health and well being is and how much we rely on a united front when faced with extraordinary challenges. If you are at all uncertain, just get in touch. My very best to you all. Florence Wood

Florence Wood

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